Brooks Gibbs and Jeff Veley join me to discuss why we need to stop using the word “bully” and what we should do instead.

Diversity and bullying with nationally renown speaker/author Jessica Pettitt.

Schools using hotlines and anonymous tip lines to stop bullying.  Good idea or epic fail?

Jeff Veley is back in the classroom with a lesson about coping skills.

What's the difference between "anti-bully" and "bully prevention?"  Let's dive in and find out!

Bullying expert and speaker Brooks Gibbs joins me in the classroom with some truths about bystanders.

America's #1 Youth Motivational Comedian, David Edward Garcia, joins me in the classroom for a chat about comedy and resilience.

Comedian Dustin Nickerson joins me on the phone with tips on using humor to build resilience.  

National-touring comedian John Branyan gives us some honest insight into bullying and how humor can build resilience.

Nationally-renown comedian Bob Smiley teaches us how to use humor and laughter to build strength and resilience.

In a world of so much negative, Jake Ballentine teaches us how to find and focus on the good in any situation.

New bullying laws are rearing their ugly heads.  Jeff Veley and I talk about the nitty gritty details of these laws and why they may not be the best thing for your kids.

Autism!  Special Ed!  ADHD!  2 experts give insight into the world of kids with emotional disorders.

Mean girls!  Why do girls act the way they do?  Rumors.  Exclusion.  Grudges.  4 high school girls tell me everything!

What's really going on in middle schools?  Hear it straight from the mouths of the ones in the trenches.

The pros and cons to the 4 most commonly taught approaches to bullying.

Law vs. Psychology:  Legendary bullying expert Brooks Gibbs gives us a lesson about bully laws and how to avoid a legal mess. 

Cyberbullying:  Fellow bullying expert Jeff Veley joins me in the classroom for a lesson about cyberbullying and cyber safety.

Bullying experts unite for a look at some recent news stories. 

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