The Big, Bad "B" Word

The Big, Bad "B" Word


The Big Bad “B” Word takes an honest look at bullying from an insider’s perspective.  You’ll laugh (we hope).  You’ll cry (maybe).  You’ll probably get angry (put the sharp objects away).  Most of all, you’ll learn:

  • How to properly frame the issue of “bullying”

  • Why people are mean and how to stop it

  • Why some kids are picked on more than others

  • Why, despite all of our efforts thus far, “bullying” seems to be getting worse

  • What schools do well (and don’t do well) to combat social aggression

  • Actual effective strategies to use at home to raise RESILIENT kids

The Big, Bad “B” Word will challenge you to think a bit differently.  But, rest assured, friends.  Everything in this book is put forth with love and compassion from a husband, father, veteran teacher and one of the nation’s most sought-after authorities on “bullying.”

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